Peacock Feathers Hosta - 4.5 Inch Container (NEW For 2019!)


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Product Description

(Mature Size: 17"T x 30"W)

Upright growing blue hosta with heart-shaped leaves. 

Has thick leaves and great vigor making it very garden worthy.

You will really want to grow this one for the flowers.

The flowers have extra petals and anthers. Some flowers may have up to 15 petals and anthers.

The flowers must have reminded Mark of a Peacock strutting his feathers.

(M. Zilis 2009)

Medium Hosta Cultivar

[H. 'Gold Regal' x H. 'Blue Vision']

Color: Blue-Green

Size: 17 inches tall by 30 inches wide

Type: Unique Flowering Hosta

Product Size: 4.5 Inch Container