One Man's Treasure Hosta - 4.5 Inch Container


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(Mature Size: 14"T x 24"W)

This beautiful selection of Hosta longipes hypoglauca was found in Herb Benedicts' compost pile by Bob Solberg.

One man's compost is another man's hosta!

Shiny green leaves are thick and held up on nice red petioles. The red specks continue up on both sides of the leaf blade.

Nice purple flowers appear in late summer on bright purple-red scapes.

(R. Benedict/R. Solberg 1999)

Medium Hosta Cultivar

[Hybrid of H. longipes hypoglauca]

Color: Shiny Green

Size: 14 inches tall by 24 inches wide

Type: Red Petiole Hosta

Product Size: 4.5 Inch Container