New 2021 Hostas

What We Love About Hostas

HGreat White Whale Hosta

Ginrei Hosta

Blushing Blue Hosta

Eclipse of the Heart Hosta

Heuchera Toffee Tart

Polemonium Heaven Scent

Hostas are incredibly versatile perennials that can brighten any garden with endless variations of colors, sizes and shapes. They're extremely hardy, require very little maintenance and, best of all, hostas are shade tolerant!

The colors are amazing! Hostas come in blue, green, gold, white - even red! - with stunning variations of these colors. Any size you want! Hosta cultivars can be as small as 2-3 inches tall (Miniature hostas) and as tall as 4 feet (spectacular Giant hostas). Any shape you want! Leaves come in a wide range of sizes, shapes and forms - from huge to tiny, cupped, flat, heart-shaped, lance-shaped, vase-shaped, corrugated, deeply veined, folded, rippled, glaucous, misted, streaked and twisted to name a few.  Read our blog for more reasons we love hostas!

No wonder hosta plants are the most popular, bestselling perennial in the world!

We're Quite Choosy About What Hostas And Companion Plants We Grow

At New Hampshire Hostas, we take our time reviewing and choosing what new hostas and companion plants we're going to grow in our greenhouses for next year's growing season. You should hear the comments going back and forth! (Actually, it's better that you don't - written with a smile!)

We're passionate about what we grow here and what we feel our enthusiastic hosta customers would like in their gardens. So, after careful thought and lots of expressions, we're pleased to present our choices for 2021. If there is a specific hosta cultivar you are looking for and would like us to sell, please e-mail us or suggest it to us on Facebook!

Giant Hostas - New for 2021

Large Hostas - New for 2021

Medium Hostas - New for 2021

Small Hostas - New for 2021

Miniature Hostas - New for 2021

Companion Plants - New for 2021