Martagon Lilies

These exotic looking lilies will put on quite a show in early summer. Martagons will reach a height of 3 to 6 feet tall depending on variety and growing location. Martagon Lilies prefer dappled light and pair very well with Hostas. Each stem can have between 20 and 50 flowers on them once the plant matures which is about the third to fourth year after planting. Newly planted Martagons often do not perform much the first season after planting. It is very important to not disturb the newly planted bulb the first year even if it does not grow. 

Martagon Bulbs should be planted between 4 and 6 inches deep in a well drained soil. A soil that stays wet in the winter months will lead to rot and most likely death. Keep the soil well watered during the growing season and fertilize your Martagons once when they emerge and again after flowering. A balanced 10-10-10 granular fertilizer works fine. Once established, your Martagon Lilies will perform dependably for years.