Lighting Matters To Hostas

Light Levels Matter!

Different hosta selections will have different light requirements. Here are some generalities by leaf color, but it is best to research your selections to determine their preferred light levels.

  • Blue leaved hosta retain their color best in shadier areas where the sun does not penetrate between 10 am and 4 pm during the summer months.
  • The gold leaved hostas can generally tolerate sunnier locations but even they can show sun scald if they receive too many hours of mid day sun.
  • The variegated forms in general prefer light conditions somewhere in between the afore mentioned blues and golds.

Hosta will grow faster with more exposure to sun. However, this is at the risk of leaf damage that will be visible for the entire season. Morning sun with some early afternoon sun will maximize the fragrance produced by the fragrant blooming cultivars. Ideally these like 5-6 hours of total sun.

Keep these generalities in mind when you choose your location. Look up a particular hosta to see the ideal location. Do not hesitate to move them in the future if you observe too little growth in the shade or too much leaf scalding in the sun. This is all part of the fun of gardening. Have fun!