June Spirit PP25593 Hosta - Two Gallon

Product Description

(Mature Size: 14"T x 26"W)

Sport of Hosta 'June Fever' with wider margins. Chartreuse leaves have wide blue-green margins.

This hosta forms a distinctive mound of shiny leaves with wide, deep green margins and chartreuse centers that turn yellow in summer if planted in part sun.

Like 'June' and 'June Fever', this hosta has a third streaking lighter green color between the center color and margin.

This hosta contrasts nicely with any other hosta colors where 'June Spirit' just stands out.

The thick leaves help with slug resistance.

Lavender flowers in summer.

(Walters Gardens 2012)

Medium Hosta Cultivar

Color: Shiny Green and Chartreuse

Size: 14 inches tall by 26 inches wide

Type: Slug Resistant Hosta

Product Size: Two Gallon