Hemerocallis 'Always Afternoon' - 4.5 Inch Container

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Product Description

(Mature Size: 22"T x 24"W)

  • 5.5", dusky rose self with a striking plum purple eyezone and a green throat 
  • Petals are crimped with thin buff pink edges, sepals are smooth 
  • Blooms in midsummer; rebloomer 
  • Extended bloom--flowers last at least 16 hours each 
  • Semi-evergreen foliage stays nice all season 
  • Grows equally well in the north and south

Hardy to zones 3-9. What's My Zone?

Color: Purple Blossoms

Size: 22 inches tall by 24 inches wide

Type: Hosta Companion Plant

Product Size: 4.5 Inch Container