Heavenly Tiara Hosta - 3 Inch Container


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Product Description

(Mature Size: 10"T x 20"W)

'Heavenly Tiara' Hosta is a sport of 'Grand Tiara'.

Chartreuse leaves with irregular cream color margins growing toward the center.

The leaf margins emerge yellow and turn white as the season progresses. 

The seasonal color changes and nice color contrast help this hosta stand out in the shade garden.

Slow growing hosta that benefits from being planted in a special area of the garden. 

Most growers could expect a clump 6"T x 12"W.

Medium purple flowers bloom in mid July to early August.

(Walters Gardens 1998)

Small Hosta Cultivar 

Color: Chartreuse and Cream

Size:  10 inches tall by 20 inches wide

Type:  Small Sun Tolerant Hosta 

Product Size: 3 Inch Container