Fire and Ice Hosta - 3 Inch Container


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Product Description

(Mature Size: 15"T x 22"W)

'Fire and Ice' Hosta is a spectacular sport of 'Patriot' with reverse coloration.

With its pure white centers and very dark green margins, 'Fire and Ice' Hosta provides an excellent contrast in colors.  

Leaves are heavily twisted and form a dense mound of thick foliage.

The mature size listed can only be achieved under the best conditions. Most growers should expect half the listed size!

Give this hosta bright morning sun with fertile soil and good moisture retention for best results. 

Scapes and seed pods are unusually white. Purple flowers mid-summer.

(H. Hanson/Shady Oaks Nursery 1999)

Small Hosta Cultivar 

Growing White-Centered Hostas!

Color: Dark Green and White

Size: 15 inches tall by 22 inches wide

Type: Sun Tolerant Pest Resistant Hosta

Product Size: 3 Inch Container