Extra-Large 2 Gallon

Buy Larger Hostas & Get an Instant Impact in Your Garden!

We are often asked if we have larger hostas available for an instant garden impact. Until now our larger two gallon hostas were only available to walk-in customers. We have a limited availability of hostas grown in two-gallon containers that are 1-2 years older than our 4.5" container hostas.

The Two Gallon Hostas Will Not Ship Until Late April (2020) When They Show Enough Growth To Choose The Best!

These hostas are not field-grown!

Our extra-large hostas are grown in a two-gallon container and are not chopped or cut in any way unlike field-grown material. Field-grown hostas that get cut can often be smaller the next season because the crown gets disturbed. Our two-gallon hostas are not shipped in the container as the soil weighs too much and it is not economical to ship with all the soil. We have to remove some of the soil (not all of the soil) from the roots to be able to ship them at a reasonable cost! We will not disturb the crown and these extra-large hostas will be easy to plant in your garden. All of the extra-large hostas are at least two-eyes and the majority are over three-eyes. See the size of the hostas that we sell!