Darwin's Standard Hosta - 4.5 Inch Container


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Product Description

(Mature Size: 18"T x 48"W)

Attractive mound of thick gold leaves with a contrasting dark green margin. The margin often streaks towards the midrib.

The leaves of 'Darwin's Standard' are fairly shiny and heavily corrugated which accentuates the beauty of the clump.

In a bright sunny location the center of the leaf will become more creamy-white.

Originally thought to be an improved sport of 'Gold Standard' but Mark Zilis mentions in "The Hostapedia" that the flowering habits have proved this to be closer to 'Paradigm'.

Near white flowers early summer.

(Netherlands NR)

Medium Hosta Cultivar

Color: Gold and Dark Green

Size: 18 inches tall by 48 inches wide

Type: Slug Resistant Hosta

Product Size: 4.5 Inch Container