Crinkled Leather Hosta - 4.5 Inch Container (NEW For 2019!)

Product Description

(Mature Size: 22"T x 34"W)

Great new hosta from Don Dean with an unruly and intensely corrugated look.

Leaves are moderately cupped, lightly twisted, moderately folded, lightly wavy and intensely corrugated.

This hosta develops scalloped edges at maturity.

Emerges with lots of wax for a nice blue color but will be green by late summer.

Pale lavender flowers mid to late summer. 

(D. Dean 2014)

Large Hosta Cultivar

[(H. 'Liberty Bell' x (H. 'Urajiro Amagi Iwa' x H. pycnophylla)) x H. Ebony Spires') x H. 'Silver Frost']

Color: Blue-Green

Size: 22 inches tall by 34 inches wide

Type: New Hosta

Product Size: 4.5 Inch Container