Corkscrew Hosta - 3 Inch Container


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(Mature Size: 8"T x 18"W)

We have always loved the contorted foliage of 'Tortifrons' but struggled to grow them.

Thanks to Bob Solberg we have the contorted foliage on a dependable plant.

This seedling of 'Tortifrons' has the characteristics of it's parent, but with much better vigor. Adds excellent character to a container planting.

Hosta 'Corkscrew' has heavily twisted and contorted shiny green leaves. The leaves also have a shiny white underside.

Pale purple flowers appear in late summer.

(R. Solberg 2003)

Small Hosta Cultivar 

[H. 'Tortifrons' × H. 'One Man's Treasure']

Color: Dark Green

Size: 8 inches tall by 18 inches wide

Type: Small Hosta

Product Size: 3 Inch Container