Big Daddy Hosta - 35mm Starter Plug


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Product Description

(Mature Size: 25"T x 66"W)

Forms a very large mound of thick blue foliage with lots of corrugation.

Leaves are broadly ovate, almost round with some cupping and folding.

Emerges a very nice blue with lots of glaucous coating but will be blue-green to green by late summer.

Has an upright habit to the clump making under-planting a possibility.

Perfect blue hosta for the back of the garden as a specimen plant.

White flowers appear in mid summer.

(F Shaw 1976)

Large Hosta Cultivar

Color: Blue green fading to dark green

Size: 25 inches tall by 66 inches wide

Type: Large Slug Resistant Blue Hosta

Product Size: 35mm Starter Plug