Baby Bunting Hosta - 3 Inch Container

Product Description

(Mature Size: 11"T x 26"W)

Hosta 'Baby Bunting' forms a dense mound of cupped blue-green foliage.

The cute little leaves are almost perfectly round and have some nice corrugation. 

The listed size is from "The Hostapedia" by Mark Zilis but even he writes that most people will see a smaller clump.

On average in less than ideal locations this hosta should be around 8" tall and 15" wide.

Bright purple flowers appear in mid summer. 

(R. Savory 82)

Small Hosta Cultivar 

[Hybrid of H. 'Rough Waters']

Color: Blue-Green

Size: 11 inches tall by 26 inches wide or slightly smaller

Type: Small Hosta

Product Size: 3 Inch Container