Applecourt Crested Painted Fern - 4.5 Inch Container

Product Description

(Mature Size: 18"T x 18"W)

(Athyrium niponicum 'Pictum-Applecourt') 

The Crested Painted Fern comes to us from Applecourt Nursery in England. It is a very bushy plant highlighted with crested forked frond tips.

With its beautiful painted coloring and flourished fronds, it is a favorite of fern cultivar lovers everywhere. Like its parent plant, it is deciduous and reaches 12″ to 24″.

This plant looks great as a specimen plant – a focal point in the garden’s foreground, or silhouette it in a prominently placed container. It is suitable for Zones 3 through 8.

Plant this bright fern next to soft blue or bright yellow hostas for great contrast. 

Hardy to zones 3-8. What's My Zone?

Color: Green, Purple and White

Size: 18 inches tall by 18 inches wide.

Type: Hosta Companion Plant

Product Size: 4.5 Inch Container