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New Hampshire Hostas

Ground Cover Hosta

Ideal for rock gardens and borders.

These ground covering hostas are ideal for the rock gardens, borders or that hard to grow spot in your yard.

We Ship Stress Free Beautiful Hosta Plants!
We grow our hostas and companion plants in their containers for a full season so your hosta plant is ready to flourish in your garden from the day it arrives. We guarantee that your "shipped in pots" beautiful hostas will be stress-free & easy to plant! See the size of the hostas that we sell!

  • Akarana Hosta from NH Hostas

    Akarana Hosta - 3 Inch Container $7.95

    (Mature Size: 6"T x 12"W) Green leaves are profoundly wavy and heavily veined.  Lavender flowers in abundance appear in summer. Miniature Hosta Cultivar (Applegate NR) Color: Light green Size: 6 inches tall by 12...

  • Alakazaam Hosta Courtesy of Walters Gardens

    Alakazaam Hosta PP22342 - 3 Inch Container $11.95

     (Mature Size: 7"T x 12"W) Hosta 'Alakazaam' is a hybrid of Hosta 'Atom Smasher'. The leaves splash out of the ground with a fountain of long and narrow foliage. Green leaves with a bright yellow margin in spring...

  • Allan P McConnell Hosta From NH Hostas

    Allan P. McConnell Hosta - 3 Inch Container $7.95

    (Mature Size: 13"T x 39"W) Hosta 'Allan P. McConnell' is a small variety reaching 1 foot tall and 3 feet wide. This 1980 introduction from Mildred Seaver has proven to be an excellent grower. It is ideal for the rock...

  • Allegan Fog Hosta from NH Hostas

    Allegan Fog Hosta - 4.5 Inch Container $10.95

    (Mature Size: 18"T x 40"W)   The centers on our 'Allegan Fog' Hosta are speckled with green, especially in spring, giving the leaves a foggy appearance. This tight compact mounding hosta is topped with lavender flowers...

  • Blonde Elf Hosta - 3 Inch Container

    Blonde Elf Hosta - 3 Inch Container $9.95

    (Mature Size: 8"T x 24"W) Extremely wavy, golden leaves are lance-shaped and have good sun tolerance.  Forms a dense mound of wavy bright gold foliage. Sport of Hosta 'Amy Aden'. Lavender flowers appear mid to late...

  • Blue Boy Hosta - 4.5 Inch Container

    Blue Boy Hosta - 4.5 Inch Container $7.95

    (Mature Size: 19"T x 45"W)'Blue Boy' Hosta plant has soft blue foliage in the spring and turns green-blue in summer. This blue hosta plant grows best in part shade. Blue Boy's rapid growth makes it a good ground cover or...

  • Cherry Tart Hosta - 4.5 Inch Container

    Cherry Tart Hosta - 4.5 Inch Container $13.95

    (Mature Size: 10"T x 25"W)  Lance-shaped chartreuse foliage in spring will brighten to yellow in summer especially if given some bright light.  Forms a small mound of attractive yellow foliage that is held on...

  • Dixie Chick Green Hosta

    Dixie Chick Green Hosta $7.95

    (V. Wade NR) Small Hosta Cultivar All green form of 'Dixie Chick' with very thick shiny dark green foliage. Wavy dark green foliage is thick for good slug resistance. Purple flowers appear in summer. Color: Dark Green...

  • Fantasy Island Hosta - 4.5 Inch Container

    Fantasy Island Hosta - 4.5 Inch Container $9.95

    (Mature Size: 8"T x 15"W) Our 'Fantasy Island' Hosta is a sport of the 'Island Charm' Hosta. These small hostas have heart-shaped leaves that have white centers with a wide green margin. Lighter shades of green can be seen...

  • Golden Scepter Hosta

    Golden Scepter Hosta $8.95

    (R. Savory 1983) Medium Hosta Cultivar Hosta 'Golden Scepter' is all gold sport of Hosta 'Golden Tiara'. Leaves emerge all gold in spring and season to chartreuse. Lavender flowers appear in mid-summer. Color: Golden...

  • Hi Ho Silver Hosta

    Hi Ho Silver Hosta $10.95

    (Walters Gardens 1997) Small Cultivar 'Hi Ho Silver' Hosta is a sport of 'Ginko Craig'. Its lance-shaped leaves are olive green with pure white margins. This hosta plant is great for use as a contrast plant around blue...

  • Hush Puppie Hosta

    Hush Puppie Hosta $9.95 $6.97

    (T. Avent 2005) Small Hosta Cultivar This hosta is tiny in height but not in vigor. Small twisted leaves are dark green with a wide cream edge. Purple flowers appear in early summer. Color: Green with cream border Size:...

  • Hydon Sunset Hosta

    Hydon Sunset Hosta $9.95 $6.97

    (George/BHHS 1988) Small Hosta Cultivar (Hosta gracillima x Hosta 'Wogon Gold') This hostas identity has been confusing over the years, but this is the true Hosta 'Hydon Sunset'. Heart-shaped wavy leaves are golden to...

  • Jade Scepter Hosta

    Jade Scepter Hosta $7.95

    (Zilis 1988) Medium Hosta Cultivar Our Hosta 'Jade Scepter' is a sport of Hosta 'Golden Tiara'. Hosta 'Jade Scepter' has heart shaped medium green leaves and is a vigorous grower. Pale lavender flowers in mid summer. ...

  • Lakeside Down Sized Hosta

    Lakeside Down Sized Hosta $8.95

    (Mary Chastain 2003) Miniature Hosta Cultivar Seedling of Hosta 'Lakeside Knickknack'. 'Lakeside Down Sized' Hosta forms a small dense mound of yellow foliage with a rippled creamy white margin. The leaves are of...

  • Lakeside Hoola Hoop Hosta

    Lakeside Hoola Hoop Hosta $9.95

    (Chastain 2003) Small Hosta Cultivar 'Lakeside Hoola Hoop' Hosta forms an upright clump of heavily ruffled, bright green leaves that are bordered by a yellow margin. Lavender flowers bloom in mid-summer. Color: Green and...

  • Lakeside Rocky Top Hosta

    Lakeside Rocky Top Hosta $9.95

    (M. Chastain 1999) Small Hosta Cultivar 'Lakeside Rocky Top' Hosta produces small mounds of wavy cream-margined foliage. This hosta can be used in window boxes or as a ground cover. Vigorous grower that is good for the...

  • Little Sunspot Hosta - 3 Inch Container

    Little Sunspot Hosta - 3 Inch Container $11.95

    (Mature Size: 8"T x 24"W)'Little Sunspot' Hosta is a sport of 'Little Aurora' Hosta. These small hostas have thick gold leaves that are edged by a medium green margin. The two colors of the leaf contrast nicely. This hosta...

  • Little Wonder Hosta

    Little Wonder Hosta $7.95

    (Lachman 1989) Small Cultivar Dense mound of medium green leaves with a cream margin. Deep purple flowers in mid-summer. Color: Medium green with cream edge Size: 9" tall by 28" wide Type: Small Groundcover Hosta Product...

  • Munchkin Hosta

    Munchkin Hosta $7.95

    (Zilis NR) Small Hosta Cultivar Hosta 'Munchkin' is an all green sport of Hosta 'Masquerade' Forms a dense mound of green foliage Purple flowers in summer Color: Green Size: 10 inches tall by 24 inches wide Type:...