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New Hampshire Hostas

Fragrant Hostas

Add fragrance to your garden from an unexpected source.

These "August Lily" hosta plants bear fragrant flowers that are great for cutting.  For those of you in the southern states that struggle with your hostas in the summer heat, the fragrant hostas perform better than other types in the heat. For the northern states, the fragrant hostas tend to perform better in the sun than other types. 

We Ship Stress Free Beautiful Fragrant Hosta Plants!

We grow our hostas and companion plants in their containers for a full season so your hosta plant is ready to flourish in your garden from the day it arrives. We guarantee that your "shipped in pots" beautiful hostas will be stress-free & easy to plant! See the size of the hostas that we sell!

  • Ambrosia Hosta Courtesy of Bob Solberg

    Ambrosia Hosta PPAF - 4.5 Inch Container $34.95

    (Mature Size: 24"T x 54"W) Sport of 'Guacamole' with a glaucous bloom coating. This coating adds a blue margin and a haze to the leaf. Very nice leaves! Bob Solberg says this hosta is "close to perfection"! Fragrant...

  • Cathedral Windows Hosta PP17295

    Cathedral Windows Hosta PP17295 $13.95

    (Shady Oaks Nursery 2005) Large Hosta Cultivar Hosta 'Cathedral Windows' is a sport of Hosta 'Stained Glass' with thicker leaves and a wider green margin. Heart-shaped leaves produce a beautiful mound of gold leaves with a...

  • Fragrant Dream Hosta

    Fragrant Dream Hosta $10.95

    (M. Fransen NR) Large Hosta Cultivar Our 'Fragrant Dream' Hosta is a sport of the 'Fragrant Bouquet' hosta. Hosta 'Fragrant Dream' boasts dark green leaves edged with a narrow yellow margin that fades to white in summer...

  • Fragrant Fire Hosta

    Fragrant Fire Hosta $14.95

    (van den Top 2003) Medium Cultivar Our 'Fragrant Fire' hosta is a sport of 'Old Faithful' hosta.  Vase-shaped hosta that holds its leaves up on red petioles. These medium size hostas have glossy green leaves with a...

  • Frozen Margarita Hosta

    Frozen Margarita Hosta $13.95 $9.77

    (Solberg 2003) Large Hosta CultivarThis sport of 'Fried Bananas' offers the same shiny gold leaves but with an added thin white margin.Fragrant near white flowers adorn this hosta in late summer.Color: Gold and...

  • Garden Delight Hosta

    Garden Delight Hosta $9.95

    (Sellers 1981) Medium Hosta Cultivar 'Garden Delight' produces medium green leaves with a creamy white margin. The leaves of 'Garden Delight' are often streaked with white throughout the leaf. Fragrant pale lavender...

  • Guacamole Hosta Two Gallon

    Guacamole Hosta Two Gallon $27.50

    (Solberg 1994) Large Hosta Cultivar Our 'Guacamole' Hosta is a sport of the 'Fragrant Bouquet' hosta. 'Guacamole' was the the American Hosta Growers Hosta of the Year for 2002. These large hostas grow two feet tall and...

  • Hoosier Harmony Hosta

    Hoosier Harmony Hosta $10.95

    (Indianaplois Hosta Society 1995) Medium Hosta Cultivar 'Hoosier Harmony' is a sport of 'Royal Standard'. Its leaves have a chartreuse to gold center surrounded by an irregular dark green margin. This hosta is a wonderful...

  • Invincible Hosta

    Invincible Hosta $9.95

    (P. Aden 1986) Medium Hosta Cultivar Hybrid of two Paul Aden seedlings. Our 'Invincible' Hosta has extremely glossy dark green foliage. The margins on these glossy leaves are slightly rippled. Rapid grower with fragrant...

  • Invincible Spirit Hosta Courtesy of Naylor Creek

    Invincible Spirit Hosta - 4.5 Inch Container $17.95

    (Mature Size: 18"T x 35"W)  Seedling of 'Invincible' with glossy chartreuse leaves held mostly upright showing off the red petioles. Leaves are pointed with rippled margins. Give this hosta more sun for a nice gold...

  • Lederhosen Hosta

    Lederhosen Hosta $15.95 $11.17

    (Benedict NR) Large Hosta Cultivar 'Lederhosen' is German for leather britches and our 'Lederhosen' Hosta fits that description! This large blue hosta has thick elongated leaves with a wavy margin that are tough and leather...

  • plantaginea Hosta

    plantaginea Hosta $10.95

    Large Hosta Cultivar Species native to China with bright green foliage and large fragrant white flowers. Well-known hosta that has been around for hundreds of years and has led to many superb sports. Furthest south growing...

  • Royal Standard Hosta

    Royal Standard Hosta $7.95

    (Grulleman/Wayside/AHS 1986) Large Hosta Cultivar Seedling of plantaginea.Hosta 'Royal Standard' was the first hosta to receive a plant patent in 1965.Forms a large mound of shiny green leaves that are slightly wavy...

  • Stained Glass Hosta

    Stained Glass Hosta $11.95

    (H. Hansen 1999) Large Hosta Cultivar Our 'Stained Glass' hosta was chosen as the 2006 American Hosta Growers Hosta of the year.  Wonderful sport of the beloved 'Guacamole' hosta that differs in that it has a much...

  • Sugar and Spice Hosta

    Sugar and Spice Hosta $12.95

    (M. Zilis 2003) Large Hosta Cultivar 'Sugar and Spice' hosta is a sport of 'Invincible' hosta with shiny green leaves and an irregular cream margin. The margin on 'Sugar and Spice' hosta emerges yellow in Spring and fades...

  • Sugar Babe Hosta

    Sugar Babe Hosta $14.95

    (Solberg 1996) Small Hosta Cultivar (Hosta 'Iron Gate Supreme' x Hosta 'Saishu Jima') Dense mound of shiny green leaves with a nice rippled cream margin.    Vigorous grower with attractive foliage and fragrant...

  • Sugar Snap Hosta

    Sugar Snap Hosta $17.95

    (R. Solberg 2011) Large Hosta Cultivar Green-centered sport of the gold hosta 'Sweet Sunshine'. Vigorous mound of cupped green foliage with a thin gold margin. Nice fragrant flowers appear in late summer. This delightful...

  • Summer Fragrance Hosta

    Summer Fragrance Hosta $9.95

    (K. Vaughn 1983) Large Hosta Cultivar (Hosta 'Beatrice' selfed seedling x Hosta plantaginea) Our 'Summer Fragrance' hosta has medium green leaves with light and dark green stripes and a cream colored margin. This rapid...

  • The Shining Hosta

    The Shining Hosta $10.95

    (Shady Oaks Nursery 2006) Large Hosta Cultivar All gold sport of 'Cathedral Windows' hosta that is an improvement on 'Fried Bananas' in shininess and brightness of the leaf. Large mound of bright gold foliage that produces...