Cherry Berry Hosta

(Lachman 1991) Medium Hosta Cultivar

Our 'Cherry Berry' Hostas have long thin leaves with a dark green margin merging with a golden yellow center that eventually seasons to white in summer.

'Cherry Berry' Hosta has a smooth satin appearance with shallow undulations that provide a nice looking texture.

Noted for its red petioles and bright red flowers scape.

Violet flowers on extremely bright red scapes produce heavily sought after red seed pods that last well into the fall.

Color: Dark green, golden yellow and white
Size: 12 inches tall by 28 inches wide
Type:  Sun Tolerant Hosta With Red Petioles
Product Size: 4.5 Inch

Cherry Berry Hosta
Cherry Berry Hosta from NH Hostas
Cherry Berry Hosta
Cherry Berry Hosta
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